Insulation Kit Gaskets

Insulation Kit Gaskets are designed to combat the effects of corrosion often found in flanged pipe system. Galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metal flanges, flange insulation associated with cathodic protection of underground piping are other examples where insulating Kit Gasket can be put to effective use.

The Design and selection of materials used in Flange Insulation Kit Gasket, meet the twin purpose of sealing the flanges and insulating metal parts to prevent flow currents responsible for corrosion.

Insulation Kit Gasket

We design, manufacture & supply Flange Insulating Kit Gasket in three types:

  • TYPE-E for full face flanges
  • TYPE-F for raised face flanges
  • TYPE-D gaskets specifically designed to fit into the grooves of RTJ Flanges

Flange Insulation Kit Gasket will comprise of:
For Type "E" and type "F"

  • One central gasket of suitable thickness in flat section
  • One full length insulating sleeve per bolt / Integral Washer Sleeve
  • Two insulating washers per bolt
  • Two electro plated metallic washers
  • Insulation Gaskets for Type "F" Raised Face Flanges

Available for use in ANSI B16.5, API, BS & DIN Standard. In this type, the central gasket is designed to be located inside the flange bolt circle and sits fully on the raised face portion of the flange. This type of gaskets will be supplied in all the materials as shown in "Materials Used " Table below.

Insulation Gaskets Type "E" for Full Face Flanges

In this type, the central gasket has its outside diameter as equal to that of flange outside diameter and precision cut bolt holes. This design helps easy alignment of the gaskets during installation. Type "E" gaskets are available in Neoprene faced reinforced phenolic material or other materials as shown in "Materials Used " Table below.

Insulation Gaskets Type "D" for Ring Gaskets

AvailaAvailable for use in ANSI B16.5, API, BS & DIN Standard In this type the gaskets available in fabric reinforced Phenolic. Available in basic "oval & octagonal" type. This type has the contact faces with oval shape. It provides a high reliability seal. These gaskets comply with ASME B - 16.20.

Materials Used
  Insulation Gasket Insulation Sleeve Insulation Washer Plated Washer
Standard Neoprene faced Phenolic Reinforced Phenolic Reinforced Phenolic Electro platedsteel washer
Special Neoprene faced Phenolic Nylon Nylon -do-
  -do- Mineral filledNylon Mineral filled Nylon -do-
  -do- Polyethylene Polyethylene -do-
  Glass Reinforced Epoxy (G-10) Glass Reinforced Epoxy (G-10) Glass ReinforcedEpoxy (G-10) -do-
Properties of materials used in Flange Insulation Gaskets kits
Material Dilectric Strength(Volts / MIL ) WaterAbsorption (%) Max.Cont. OperatingTemp. (Deg.C.)
Polycthylene 450 0.01 41
Phenolic 400-500 1.1 107
Nylon 800 1.5 110
G10 -do- 0.01 248

When Ordering Please specify
  • Gasket Style
  • Flange standard
  • Nominal pipe size
  • Pressure & Temperature of Service
  • Preferred material of construction