Heat Exchanger Gaskets( jacketed gasket )

Metal jacketed gaskets specially designed as Heat Exchanger Gaskets are widely used on smooth flange applications. They are ideal for Heat Exchangers, Auto claves, columns, flue stacks, boilers, gas mains, valve bonnets, pumps and similar services.

Camprofile gaskets used as Heat Exchanger Gaskets consists of a metal core with concentric grooves on either side with sealing materials. The Sealing layers (depending on the service duty) can be Graphite, PTFE (Teflon), CAF or Metal (e.g. Aluminium or Silver). Camprofiles can be used without sealing layers to provide an excellent seal but here is a risk of flange surface damage.

The Very wide seating stress range (minimum to maximum stress) of the Camprofile gasket makes it

  • Highly suitable for varying temperature and pressures.
  • Less sensitive to assembly faults
  • Suitable for light and heavily constructed flanges.
  • Depending on layer material Camprofile gaskets are resistant to temperature upto 1000° C
  • Resistant to media pressures upto 250 bar
  • When assembled the layer thickness of the sealing material is extremely small (0.5mm) thus reducing leaks, reject rates and environment pollution.
  • The gasket will not damage the flange surface and can be easily removed
  • Camprofiles will not damage the flange faces even at extreme seating load.
  • Excellent performance when subject to fluctuating temperature and pressures.
  • Direct replacement for existing gaskets. No special flange finish is necessary.


Soft Iron, S.S. 304, S.S. 316, S.S. 304L, S.S. 316L, Low carbon steel, Monel Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Cupronickel 90%/10%, 70%/30%, Inconel 600,800 and different grades of Stainless Steel.


Common filler materials used are Asbestos mill board, CAF, Non asbestos, PTFE and Grafoil. We have adequate capacity to produce any shape and size with many compartmental ribs out of different materials for heat transfer equipment, coolers, condensers, joints etc.Heat Exchanger gaskets are more compressible than sole-metal corrugated types and offer better compensation for flange irregularities when high pressures are to be sealed.