Gland Packing


Expanded PTFE Dry Gland Packings is a kind of braided packing.Reliable Packing for rotating & reciprocating valves, chemicals, alcohol & acidic media.Also for highly aggressive & corrosive media.

Lubricated Expanded PTFE Packings

We are a Manufacturer and Supplier of superior quality Lubricated Expanded PTFE Packings used for various types of packing purposes. The manufacturing of Lubricated Expanded PTFE Packing is carried out in strict accordance with industry norms. The use of latest technology in production ensures that we deliver Lubricated Expanded PTFE Packings that meet the modern-day applications accurately.

Expanded Graphite PTFE Gland Packings

When it comes to superior quality PTFE packing, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Expanded Graphite PTFE Packings from Mumbai. The company uses latest technology and premium raw materials for the manufacturing of these Expanded Graphite PTFE Packings. Complete quality control over the entire processes of manufacturing and supplying ensures that our clients get the best quality Expanded Graphite PTFE Packings.

Aramid FiberPackings

Aramid FiberPackings are a type of braided packing used in various industries. The company undertakes the manufacture and supply of Aramid Fiber Packing of superior quality and finish. The Aramid FiberPackings manufactured by us are among the best of their kind.

Carbon FiberPackings

We are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Carbon FiberPackings. Our expert team of workers uses the best raw materials and advanced technology to manufacture these Carbon FiberPackings in complete compliance with the quality standards. Good physical and chemical characteristics of these Carbon FiberPackings make them highly demanded in the market.

Kevlar FiberPackings

Kevlar FiberPackings of superior quality and finish are manufactured and supplied by our company. We use high grade raw materials and employ latest technology in the manufacturing of these Kevlar FiberPackings. Quality and right pricing make us rank among the most trusted and reputed Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Kevlar FiberPackings.

Asbestos Fiber Rope

Asbestos Fiber Rope for various kinds of applications is manufactured by us. We only use premium raw materials and latest technology in the manufacturing of these Asbestos Fiber Ropes.

Ceramic Fiber Rope

Our company has expertise in manufacturing and supplying superior quality Ceramic Fiber Ropes. We make sure that our team of workers uses only genuine and fine quality raw materials and latest technology for the manufacturing of these Ceramic Fiber Ropes. The Ceramic Fiber Ropes that we offer are a good substitute for Asbestos Rope & Gland Packings. We can also offer the Ceramic Fiber Ropes with S.S. wire reinforcement. Packings.

Glass Fiber Rope

High grade Glass Fiber Rope is manufactured and supplied by our company to meet various kinds of industry specific requirements of our clients. The quality of Glass Fiber is used by us to manufacture thus superior quality Glass Fiber Rope. The Glass Fiber Ropes have many desirable properties which make them perfect as base material in many areas.

Pure Graphite Packings

We are one of the well-known Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of premium quality Pure Graphite Packings. Our Pure Graphite Packings are manufactured from Flexible Expanded Graphite Yarn that can be further reinforced with high modulus carbon fiber, glass fiber, cotton fiber, inconel wire &s.s. wire. Further, the use of latest technology ensures that the Pure Graphite Packings manufactured by us are the best for a large number of applications