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Asbestos Sheet - Champion Style 59 Oil

General Description

Champion Style59 Oil A compressed fibre jointing bonded with a sophisticated compound. This is specialised jointing to withstand the most exacting demands of oil and petrochemicals plants, solvents, refrigerators, oils, etc.


Used in pipelines and apparatus of petrochemical fields, petroleum distillates, oil and petroleum industries. It is also recommended in industrial processes with high contents of aromatic substances, sulphurous compounds, chloric hydrocarbons, phenols, refrigerants, etc. The jointings give satisfactory services against steam also.

Specification Compliance

IS-2712 - 1998
IS-2712 - 1979 Grade O / 1
IS 2712 - 1971 Grade A / O
British BS 1832 - 1972

Recommended Max Temperature 550oC
Recommended Max Pressure Kg./cm2 150 Kg / cm2