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Asbestos Sheet - Champion Style 54 Super

General Description

ChampionStyle 54 SuperManfactured from excellent quality of Chrysotile Asbestos Fibre and raw materials, the blend being intimately mixed with heat resisting rubber compounds under special process to ensure maximum stability against high pressure and temperatures.


Though primarily a super heated steam jointing it is also recommended against saturated steam, oxygen, petroleum distillates, oils and fats, fuels, internal combustion engines, hydrocarbons, alcohols, solvent, dyes, etc. It is popularly used in MARINE ENGINES, electricity generating sets etc.

Specification Compliance

IS-2712 - 1998
IS-2712 - 1979 Grade W / 1
IS 2712 - 1971 Grade A / S
IBS 2815 - 1973 Grade A

Recommended Max Temperature 550oC
Recommended Max Pressure Kg./cm2 150 Kg / cm2